A Happy Winning Journey! Being a modern manufacturing company, we implement our reach to innovative solution-based products.                 Since the very beginning, we have  differentiated ourselves from the competitors with the visibility of products that way ahead in                         terms of  ingredients, solutions, and results. We mark our presence among all leading dermatologists in India. We manufacture high                   quality derma  products for face, body and hair care  with the participation of the best product analysts and dermatologists.

     Our team includes product analysts product consultants, product manager zonal heads, regional sales heads, area sales heads, and sales         executives which makes our team a big family with 52 members.

     Working particularly on Indian climatic conditions and market needs we stand abreast being the only ones with products that are well-               approved and tested by top dermatologists on Indian human skins, our selections of products are a blend of generosity, efficacy, quality,           purity, approval, and trust of dermats with charm and glamour for beauty industry making them Cosmo derma.

     Today’s consumer knows much about ingredients than we think. One has to be up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge ingredients and                   technology in the cosmeceutical world. Hence, after adding innovative products to strengthen the shelves of the clinics we move a step           ahead with information about those products with our live demo and training sessions from time to time. This later on moves ahead with         interaction where we take care of all queries and provide back-to-back support through our team of product consultants, trainers, dermats,       and nutritionists grooming customers way ahead with one-stop solutions.

-Formulator, Researcher & Catalyst. Mr. Vishal Chandra Sehgal is the Managing Director of ORGANICIA Company which is one the leading cosmetic brand companies. The origin of the company took place in 2015 in the month of AUGUST and since then the company has created a huge impact in the cosmetics products industry. The intention of Mr. Sehgal was to bring revolution in this cosmetic brand industry by first time providing guaranteed results with every product launched.

He has been the formulator of skin care products for the last 6 years. He has launched various products with the cure of Melasma, Pigments, Dermatitis, Fungal Infections, Hair Fall, Hair Growth, Anti-Aging, Acne, keloids, Alopecia, and many other skin diseases. Working with world world-renowned brand as an advisor/innovator/formulator he understood the market trend of what is being provided and what the current market requires. To bridge the gap, his strong entrepreneurial spirit provided the market with unprecedented growth, and his leadership was instrumental in scripting the success story at the national/international level the company has already marked its presence in exports  & pan within no time.

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